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Aquapaw XL Slow Treater Treat-Dispensing Licky Mat – Puzzle Feeder Toy/Licking Pad for Dogs & Other Large Pets, Suctions to Wall/Floor – Relieves Boredom & Anxiety during Grooming, Vet Visits & Storms

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  • 15 Minutes of Fun for Fido – This Aquapaw treat-dispensing mat is a perfect slow treater for dogs of large breeds. When filled with food, the Slow Treater XL will keep your big canine pal occupied and entertained for up to 15 minutes, which enables your doggo to remain calm during stressful or difficult situations
  • Multiple Applications & A Great Gift – The Slow Treater XL goes just about anywhere. Use it as a floor mat or stick it to the wall. Pair it with an Aquapaw sprayer/scrubber to make bath time a breeze. A licking mat also helps your dog stay calm during storms and vet visits
  • For Big Dogs with Big Appetites – This licki mat is made for large-breed dogs and makes a great Valentines gift for your pet. It's 10 inches wide and has 4 suction cups that stick easily to any polished surface. Fill it with peanut butter, spreadable canned food or even kibble
  • Safe and Effective – Animal behaviorists agree that licking is a healthy way to reduce anxiety or boredom, for any dog. Licking is a soothing activity because the repetitive motion releases endorphins into the body. It also stimulates production of saliva, which helps clean the interior of your dog's mouth
  • Made from Quality Material – Every Aquapaw lickimat is constructed from 100% FDA Grade Silicone. This is a thoroughly chew-proof dog toy that's sturdy enough to withstand hours and hours of happy licking from your furry friend. Safe for use in your freezer and/or dishwasher

Product Description

Introducing the Aquapaw Slow Treater XL

Less Stress & Better Digestion for Large Dogs

An Aquapaw Slow Treater XL silicone lick mat helps your pet remain calm and happy during stressful situations. Use the Slow Treater XL to soothe and distract your pup during baths, grooming sessions, training time, vet visits or storms. This licking mat is 10” wide and designed to satisfy dogs with large appetites. It has long nubs, a large licking surface and four suction cups for ultimate sticking power. Made of sturdy, food-safe silicone.

Slow Treater XL Makes Life Easier

Spread On a Treat

Smear your large dog’s favorite food right onto the surface. Peanut butter and wet food both work great.

Prep Ahead of Time

Slow Treater XL is freezer-safe, so you can prep doggie meals ahead of time and serve them as needed.

Sticks to Wall or Floor

Slow Treater XL comes with 4 powerful suction cups. It’ll stay put as long as your pet is licking.

Easy Clean-Up

Aquapaw’s Slow Treater XL is made of sturdy silicone – safe for the top rack of your dishwasher.

A Better Way to Give Your Large Dog a Treat

Helps Pets Stay Calm

Licking is a soothing activity. It relieves pets’ anxiety in stressful situations like grooming and storms.

Promotes Digestion

By slowing down their eating, the Slow Treater XL helps your pet’s digestion. It also promotes good dental health.

BPA-Free Silicone

The Slow Treater XL is made of sturdy, durable silicone that’s FDA-approved and contains no harsh chemicals.

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Your Furry Friend Is What Matters Most

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Aquapaw bathing tools make bathtime less stressful for animals and humans. Our silicone slow treaters encourage pets to eat at a healthy pace and help them stay calm during baths, storms or loud noises. Aquapaw shampoos and sprays are water-based and made from natural ingredients, for fluffy coats and happy skin. Every Aquapaw product is made with your pet’s health and happiness in mind – because nothing but the best will do for your furry best friend.