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Aqua Culture Aquarium Plants, 3 Count

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  • Two 6" green plants and one 8" green plant
  • Authentically detailed replicas of real aquatic plants
  • Feature sinker bases which help keep plants anchored on the floor
  • Offer the natural environment feeling
  • Pair with other Aqua Culture products

Create a beautiful landscape inside your aquarium with this Aqua Culture Aquarium Plants. Each plant is a faithfully detailed replica of a real aquatic plant species, which makes it easier than ever to create a natural scene inside your aquarium. These plants feature ingeniously designed sinker bases which help keep plants anchored on the floor of your aquarium. Each pack includes two six-inch plants and one eight-inch plant. They offer the natural environment feeling for your aquarium or fish tank and serve as a place for your fish to hide, greatly reducing stress. The Life-like plastic plant decorations makes your fish tank look great and add depth to your view. Be sure to check out other products from Aqua Culture like aquarium plants, heat lamps, aquarium rocks, and other accessories for all your aquarium needs. Make waves with the Aqua Culture Aquarium Plants.

Aqua Culture Aquarium Plants, 3 Count: