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Aqua Culture Aquarium Brush, Gray

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  • Suitable for glass and acrylic fish tanks
  • Keeps tank clean and fish healthy
  • Rinse with tap water before and after each use
  • Not suitable for dry surfaces
  • 18in gray brush

Keep your tank clean with our Aqua Culture Aquarium Brush. Our brush is suitable for both glass and acrylic tanks and has a long handle to reach deep into your aquarium to get rid of grit and grime. To use, rinse in the sink with tap water and gently brush the inside of your tank. Be sure not to pick up gravel with your scrubber pad or use excessive pressure, which may scratch or break your tank. Brush your tank every two weeks to help prevent algae buildup. Be sure to check out other products from Aqua Culture like aquarium plants, heat lamps, aquarium rocks, and other accessories for all your aquarium needs. Keep your fish happy and healthy with our Aqua Culture Aquarium Brush.

Aqua Culture Aquarium Brush, Gray: