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AOMRYOM 75W Infrared Basking Spot Heat Lamp Bulb Red Light Heat Bulbs for Pet Lizards Bearded Dragons Chameleons Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians - 2 Pack

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  • Perfect Infrared Spot Heat Bulb: Infrared heating bulbs with long life, safe explosion-proof feature. To emit infrared heat without disturbing the normal activities of reptiles at night or during the day.
  • Input voltage: AC 110-120V, Power: 75 Watt, Full size: diameter 3.03 inch x height 4.33 inch.
  • Ideal For Reptile and Amphibian: Suitable for chicken, bearded dragons, tortoises, turtles, geckos, dogs, snakes (pythons, boas, etc.), iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads & more.
  • Provide Better Life: Adding the temperature inside the reptile tank, releasing heat for reptile activity. Provide areas for heat accumulation to create hot and cold areas, which can improve the metabolic rate at certain moments.
  • This product provides enough infrared red light and heat for the terrarium for 24 hours. Best choice for creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your lovely pets.

Product Description

Product Type: 75W Reptile Red Light Infrared Spot Heat Bulb - 2 Pack


Socket: E26 / E27 Screw Base

Voltage: AC 110-120V

Color: Red

Size: Diameter 3.03 inch x Height 4.33 inch

Package Includes:

2 x Infrared Heat Lamp (Red)

How to effectively extend lamp lifespan:

1. When infrequent use, do not hinge the switch box forcely, avoid vibration,or it will seriously reduce the lamp lifespan.

2. Do not connect the thermostat and other equipment to use, because it will cause the light to be switched frequently, that reduce lamp lifespan.

If you have to use a thermostat, please try to use multi-temperature point thermostat.

3. Work up to 3-5 hours per day, because long hours of high temperature working could easily reduce the lamp lifespan.

4. Please don't turn on bulb immediately after turned off, because the sudden arrival of the electric pulse connect the original high temperature bulb may directly burn the bulb.

Wattage 100W 75W 100W 75W 30W ---
Package 2 Pack 2 Pack 2 Pack 2 Pack 6 Pack 2 Pack & 3 Pack
Material Glass & Metal Glass & Metal Glass & Metal Glass & Metal Quartz Glass & Metal Ceramic & Metal