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Aollan 2 Pack 100W UVA Basking Spot Heat Lamp Soft White Light Glass Heat Bulb for Reptiles and Amphibians (White)

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  • ✅Perfect Product for Your Reptile Pets,Tortoises Terrapins Lizards Snake Spiders Frogs Mammals and Others Pets.
  • ✅This Lamp Provides UVA UVB Rays and Heat: For Diurnal Reptiles, Helping to Create a Paradise in Reptile Habitat.
  • ✅UVA and Heat for Thermoregulation: Stimulates Natural Affects of Sunlight to Promote a Healthy Reptile.
  • ✅Focus Light and Heat to Desired Spot: Basking Lamps Provide Natural Basking Environments.
  • ✅Focusing a Beam of Light: Use with Appropriate Clamp Lamp Fixture. Heat to the Area of Your Choice, Perfect for Your Reptile