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ANWA Dog Bed Medium Size Dogs, Washable Dog Crate Bed Cushion, Dog Crate Pad Large Dogs

ANWA Dog Bed Medium Size Dogs, Washable Dog Crate Bed Cushion, Dog Crate Pad Large Dogs

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  • A DOG BED - A PLACE of THEIR OWN: Sleeping on hard surface is not preferred for the pet dogs as they are directly exposed to the heat or cold of the floor and are likely to develop orthopedic problems. A large dog bed is a place where adult dogs can be the master of their domain, where they can snuggle, sleep or play in
  • IDEAL 36 x 24 INCH CRATE BED: Right size dog bed means, stretch out, rolling, or any cute behaviors are available! The ideal large crate bed will make your furry friend get a solid night's sleep. Having a dedicated dog bed means pleasant feeling and unique experience as they feel more comfortable and secured in their personal beds
  • SIMPLE STYLISH LARGE DOG BED: Designed with extremely comfortable in shape and size, you can easily find ANWA dog bed can be used in multiple ways, as a crate bed, kennel bed, cage bed, even as a dog travel bed in a car or truck. Stylish large dog bed, seamlessly décor to your home
  • FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE DOG CRATE BED: What about an "accident" or other dirt on your dog bed. Oh come on, this is not what you need to worry, washing machine is shivering! ANWA dog bed is fully machine washabe and can remain shape after times wash, so why not have a try
  • 7 - 24 HOUR WORRY FREE SERVICE: Non-slip bottom dog bed means the bed will not slide while your rambunctious friend play with a favorite toy or have a crazy doggy dream, steady and safe. Any time, we are at your service in 24 hours! Just one more thing, nothing is indestructible, ANWA dog bed is not for heavy chewers, so watch out your friend's behavior

Product Description

ANWA: - Dedicated In Pet Supplies

  • IDEAL CRATE BED for LARGE DOG: ANWA square dog bed is made of soft fabric and PP cotton which makes our large dog bed durable and comfy.
  • COZY GREY LARGE DOG BED: Plush dog crate pad will provide unprecedented experience for you dog, allowing for improved comfot and a better night rest.
  • DOGGIE'S LOVE: Stuffed medium dog beds provide ultimate comfort for your dogs who love to cuddle, curl, and snuggle while sleeping.

ANWA: A Better Way of Life For Man’s Best Friend


Just like puppies feel safe and at home in their cages, a large dog bed is a place where adult dogs can be the master of their domain. The rest of the house belongs to the people in it, and a dog can often feel like a second-class citizen. If he has a bed, though, it gives him a place he can retreat to when he needs time by himself


Thoughtful design makes your puppy bed easy to clean and maintenance. Stylish design makes you medium dog bed tidy, clean and decent


Sleeping on a floor or other hard surface can be damaging to a dog’s health. ANWA dog beds - perfect for this problem

ANWA - committed to helping man’s best friend live its best life, in comfort and in style

Soft and Breathable Dog Bed

36 x 24 INCH Crate Bed

Non-Slip Bottom Large Puppy Bed

The bottom is designed with anti-skid sticky beads, durable and safe. Your large dog bed will not move while your dog playing or sleeping in it.

ANWA: A Better Way of Life For Man’s Best Friend

  • Dogs are a vital part of our lives. They keep us company. They keep us active. They cheer us up when we are down. In short, they are the perfect companion. We can’t imagine life without them, and we want them to be happy. It’s the least we can do in return for all the joy they bring us. Inspired by the special bond we share with dogs, we created our special line of products to bring the ultimate comfort experience to your dog. Each ANWA product is crafted from the finest materials and designed for maximum comfort, giving your dog the level of comfort they deserve.
  • We didn’t just set out to make the world’s most comfortable dog bed; We also wanted to create the world’s most functional line of pet beds and supplies. That is why every ANWA pet bed is carefully crafted from cushiony fabrics and stuffed with lush, hypoallergenic cotton so that your dog can cuddle, relax, and sleep safe and sound. With functional additions like no-slip bottoms and available in sizes to fit your dog, no matter how big or small they might be, there is an ANWA pet bed for every dog. But that’s not all we do. With each new product, we are committed to bringing innovative design and convenient functionality while placing an emphasis on comfort and safety. Because your dog deserves nothing less.
  • Your dog brings so much to your life, so why not give them the special comfort they deserve? With a quality, durable design, safe, materials, and practical functionality, ANWA dog beds and products are designed with your dog in mind. After all, they bring so much joy to our lives.
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