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All Natural Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats for Cats & Dogs - Single Ingredient No Grain Snack with No Additives or Preservatives, - 5 Ounce Bag - 6 Pack

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  • Natural Cat and Dog Treats - No fillers, preservatives or harmful ingredients. Know what your pet is eating with our 100% Freeze Dried Salmon Treats.
  • Manufactured by True Pet Lovers - A favorite among cats & dogs everywhere! Offer as a treat or use as a food topper over your pet’s dry kibble.
  • Single Ingredient - Grain Free. Low in Fat, Calories and Carbohydrates so they won’t contribute to weight gain.
  • Natural fish oils keep fur shiny and beautiful and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for your pet’s joints.
  • The crunchy and fishy cubes will satisfy your cat or dog’s craving for fish. They are a healthy daily snack and make a fantastic training treat.