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All-Absorb Disposable Female Dog Diapers, X-Large

All-Absorb Disposable Female Dog Diapers, X-Large

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  • BREATHABLE OUTER LAYER - Even in hot climates, your dog can be protected without feeling trapped. Our disposable diapers are designed with a breathable outer layer for added comfort!
  • DRY AS A BONE - All-Absorb diapers have 360 degree leak-proof protection barriers, and a super absorbent core which prevents any unwanted spills
  • SNUG AS A BUG - All-Absorb diapers are Fur-safe, while providing a secure fit! With re-adjustable fasteners to help ensure you tuck her in just right, without sticking to her fur
  • LEG-LIFTING COMFORT - No matter how wiggly your little gal is, the unique stretchy fabric of All-Absorb Disposable Diapers will fit her comfortably and securely
  • WETNESS INDICATOR- Our disposable diapers indicate when your dog has urinate inside the diapers by changing colors on the outside, letting you know when it's time for a new diaper

WRAP IT UP- All-Absorb Disposable Diapers are designed to fit: -XL-sized dogs with a 15 – 23 inch waist. -Large-sized dogs with a 13 - 21 inch waist. -Medium-sized male dogs with a 12 - 20 inch waist. -Small-sized male dogs with a 10 - 18 inch waist. -Extra-Small sized male dogs with a 9 - 16 inch waist. while helping you maintain peace of mind. RELIEF FOR WHEN HE RELIEVES HIMSELF - All-Absorb Disposable Diapers provide much needed protection for both female and male dogs with incontinence, in heat, excitable urination, or those who feel compelled to mark things that are clearly not his.

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