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Alion Home

Alion Home© Sun Block Dog Run & Pet Kennel Shade Cover (Dog Kennel Not Included) (10' X 14', Sand)

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  • Shade cover privacy panel is knitted with UV Stabilized 185+ GSM High-density polyethylene.
  • Blocks up to 95% of the sun rays while allowing breezes to pass through so hot air does not become stagnant underneath.
  • Comes finished with metal grommets every 20”-24” on all sides to make hanging a breeze. Fabricated with hems looks seamless.
  • Super strong material withstands tears and color fading. Installation is simple and quick with included zip ties.
  • Reduces harmful sun rays, gusty wind and can help keep dogs from barking at everything that moves. Need more custom sizes, just let us know.

Product Description

Trusted quality and value from Alion Home brand. Our Dog Kennel Cover is tear resistant, made from high-quality 100% Virgin High-Density Polyethylene, no recycle. knitted with 185+ gsm commercial quality that are built to last, as well holds its shape after many uses. Breathable UV Treated Fabric allows air and water to slowly pass through, can easily handle rain, wind or snow and be left up year-round. UV treated fabric blocks up to 95% harmful UV rays and retain material strength for long time.

Commercial Grade

Made with 100% Virgin High-Density Polyethylene. Knitted with 185+ GSM, commercial quality that are built to last and hold it's shape after many uses.

Breathable & UV Treated Material

Using the knitting method to make the screen allows for air to flow through and to help with fraying.

Quick and Easy Installation

For easy installation, Aluminum Grommets are placed approximately every two feet. All our Dog Kennel include Free Zip Ties to help you get started. Screens can also be directly nailed, stapled or screwed to the structure.

Color Banha Beige Sand Black Walnut Banha Beige Grey