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Airtag Cat Collar with Apple Airtag Holder, Safety Buckle, Bell in 3/8 Inch Reflective Lightweight Collar, DIY Pet ID with TPU Airtag Protector on Cute Air Tag Cat Collar Breakaway

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  • 【Many in-1 Cat Collar】 Lightweight (0.03lb without airtag) Cat Collar with Airtag holder, DIY cat name-tag (bonus), reflective effect, safety buckle and cute bell in well-stitched nylon cat collar.
  • 【Reflective at Night 】Reflective when lights shine on the collar at night, walking in the dark will be safe.
  • 【DIY Pet Name-Tag】 What a Bonus !!! Use White board marker write Cat’s Name & Numbers on the Airtag and covered with the Airtag Protectors(Provided).
  • 【Safety Buckle】Safety Buckle can be unlocked with a certain amount of force. It can freely break to avoid the pet being strangled by the collar, safe for active pet.
  • 【What You Get】 1 pack Airtag Cat Collar with Airtag Holder attached, 2 piece of Front Airtag Protectors, 2 piece of Back Airtag Protectors, 2 piece of Dust Stickers (airtag not included)

-What a collar! 

  • Airtag Holder Attached (Comfort and Safety Matter): Perfectly fitted Airtag case attached on 3/8 in wide cat collar, specially design for cat collar which avoid shake and moving during they runs, as well as it has light weight and stable for its comfort and safety purpose.
  • Reflective at Night (Safety Matter): Safe for cat travel at night, as well as other animal can see the bright effect, like bird you had at home can runaway if cat try to attack them, or in backyard.
  • DIY Name ID (Safety Matter): With the bonus of the Airtag surface can be writable and wipeable, so you can just simply write your lovely pet's name and number, and covered with Airtag Protectors which can prevent the writing stay in place.
  • Safety Breakaway Buckle (Safety Matter): It can be freely break to avoid the pet being strangled by the collar with a certain amount of force, safe for active pet.


  1. -Measure the Pet's neck and adjust it in the right size
  2. -Install the Airtag Holder(Provided)
  3. -DIY Your Personal Pet Name Tag (Bonus)      
  • First of all, take out the Airtag Protectors and please carefully read the instruction in bacj the package before your start. Use "White Board Marker to write your lovey pet's name and numbers, try to write it in the center, avoid writing blocked by edge of the silicon holder.
  • Let it dry for 30 seconds or 1 mins, which can be more stable when you apply the airtag protectors.
  • Lastly, follow the instruction of how to wear the airtag protector(written in the package) to covered with the airtag protectors, which can keep the writing in the place.

Finally, install the Airtag on the Airtag holder in the collar, then your pet is happy to go with this lovely collar.