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Actoyo Dog Summer Cooling Shirts Breathable Instant Cooling Dog Vest Lightweight for Summer Dog Apparel

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  • Both winter and summer, it is windproof and warm when it is dry, and it can cool down quickly when it meets water, so this is a pet clothing that can be worn all seasons
  • Cute printing, original design of dog pattern, showing the daily mood of the puppy, full of creativity, very personal
  • Exquisite workmanship, the neckline of the cuffs are all stretch stitching process, and the thread is constantly threaded when stretched
  • Two colors, more than one size to choose from, there is always a pet for you
  • Cooling principle, the fabric composition of cold sense fabric is different from ordinary fabric, it is made of polyester fiber cold sense material (cold sense silk)

Product Description:
Item Type:Pet Vest
Color:As the picture
Target Audience:Dogs
Size Chart
Three-layer structure, heat slips away
It seems to be a thin layer, but it is actually composed of three layers of fabrics with different functions. The first layer: the water-absorbing layer (to keep the dog ’s body dry) the second layer: the water-locking layer stores water for heat dissipation. The third Layered wet layer honeycomb network structure, accelerate the evaporation of water molecules to take away excess heat, to achieve quick-drying effect

1. The outer microporous fabric accelerates transpiration and continues to take away heat
2. In the middle is the water storage layer. After wetting, wring out to store a lot of water to prevent the dog from overheating
3. The innermost layer is the cooling layer, which transmits the cooling feeling of moisture to the skin
How to use:
1. Lightly twist the product after wetting it and shake it vigorously several times. It only takes a few seconds to cool the product.
2. If the product feels warm, shake it a few times again to continue to get a cool effect.
3. Lighten the towel when twisting it. It is easy to curl the edge of the towel!

Package Include:
1 x pet vest