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ABBY Abby’S Apple Airtag Dog Collar for Your Pet, Leather - GPS Tracking (Medium, Black) Width 1.57 Inch, Neck 16.5 Inch - 23.6 Inch

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  • APPLE AIRTAG GPS DOG COLLAR IS COMPATIBLE WITH ANY APPLE DEVICE: Along with using Bluetooth, AirTag securely buckled in Abby's pet collar has a more accurate positioning technology called UWB. The enhanced version of Bluetooth, UWB, will pinpoint your AirTag's location to a level of precision similar to that of a compass if you have an iPhone nearby. In addition, find my app network and Bluetooth from other iPhone users might assist you in locating your phone instead if you're further away.
  • WATER RESISTANT, ERGONOMICALLY LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN FOR A COMFORTABLE FIT: The lightweight design combines a practical exterior with a very soft inside. Hence, you can provide your full pet mobility while not irritating or rubbing the neck. Playtime? No Problem, as the enhanced Secure Buckle keeps the AirTag locked so it doesn't fall off. Be worry-free when you are at the dog park, as our Double lock adjustable feature ensures a super tight fit and will not let the Dog Collar with AirTag fall off.
  • EASY TO FIX, ADJUSTABLE SIZE FOR ALL KINDS OF DOGS:The size of this AirTag pet collar varies significantly and fits little pooches such as Poodles and French Bulldogs to giant dogs such as Rottweilers and Great Danes. Although the AirTag dog collar is suitable for smaller dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Maltese, it may also fit medium and large dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Beagles, and so many others. Please measure the neck of your dog before you purchase it.
  • TRACK YOUR PETS IN STYLE WITH AN UNBEATABLE TRACKING TOOL: Abby’s AirTag dog collar comes with attachable AirTag holders. You can locate your pets by using this AirTag dog collar attachment as its GPS tracking system can track every footstep of your pet. Thanks to AirTag, pets’ unbeatable locating system, it reduces your trouble and assures your worldwide tracking of your pet.
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN PREMIUM LEATHER WITH A UNIQUE AND SECURED BUILT-IN CASE FOR AIRTAG: Abby’s Apple AirTags for pets makes it possible for you to connect almost every Apple device out there and help you find your missing pet, wherever it may be. Additionally, the AirTag dog is water-resistant, so it can withstand water bodies and let your pet enjoy swimming.