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A&E Cage Co/VitaPol

A&E Cage Co Smakers Small Animal Waffle Cone Treats, 10 Count Display

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  • A complementary snack and a varied daily diet.
  • In the original and unique form of an waffle ice cream cone
  • 80% handmade

Smakers small animal snacks Waffle Cones are created with high quality, natural European ingredients that supplement and compliment your companion pets’s daily diet. Who wants just 1?? This display comes with 10 individually wrapped VEGETABLE/HAY treats and is intended for small animals. For maximum freshness please keep sealed bags cool and dry for up to 2 years.

Wheat Flour, Hay, Sugar, Linden Twig, Vegetable Oil, Dried Broccoli, Roasted Carrot, Dehulled Pumpkin Seed, Leek, Parsley Leaves./div>