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6 Pieces Reusable Male Dog Belly Bands, Washable Dog Diapers Male Puppy Nappies Wrap for Male Dogs Marking Pet Excitable Urination Male Dogs Marking

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  • Multiple color number: you will get 6 different colors of male dog diapers at the same time, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, green, fashionable solid color, you can put different colors of diapers for your dog's mood, he will become an attractive dog.
  • Adjustable size: you choose size S for a male dog with a waist size of 9 to 13 inches, be sure to measure the size of the dog's back; If it's between the two sizes, choose a larger size; The nappies feature hook and loop design and can be adjusted according to your dog's actual waistline, making them very easy to wear and fall off
  • Soft material: the male dog diaper is made of face cloth, which is very soft and comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly, and will not chafe the dog's skin; The elastic edge on both sides provide additional safety and anti-leakage function, which can fit the dog's waist more, durable and reusable
  • Leakproof design: the outer layer is made of cotton, which can prevent the liquid from leaking out; The inner layer is designed to quickly absorb water and breathe; Both sides are designed with elastic retraction to fit the dog's waist
  • Dogs no worries: the male dog diaper is very practical, if your dog suffers excited or dog urine incontinence of urine, wearing it can solve this problem, if paralysis is an untrained dog or dogs, it can still help dogs to finish urinating without dusting carpet, to the biggest extent help you solve the problem, make your carpet, floor, indoor decoration, car clean and dry