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M&M Bird Toys

5109 Pk3 Mega 4 Inch Sola Ball M&M Bird Toys - Three Huge Natural Shredding Foraging Bird Toys

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  • This giant shreddable chewing ball is excellent for larger pets, but can be used for other size pets too! 
  • This ball has so much sola material that its perfect for breaking up and using for foraging material. 
  • Hang the ball or parts of it from the cage for a unique chewing experience. 
  • A huge natural chewing ball that’s packed with bird thrilling material.
  • Each ball is made from natural bird safe Sola plant. 
  • As these are natural items each ball will vary very slightly in shape, size and weight.
  • Approximate Specifications:
  • Single Ball Diameter: (4) inches
  • Single Ball Weight: (1) ounce
  • A bird safe natural air dried foot toy

This bird toy includes (3) mega sola balls. This ball has an approximate (4) inch diameter! The ball has been made with many pieces of the sola root stuck together in a sphere form. Sola material comes from the root of a tropical species of tapioca plant also known as Shola & Sola Pith Plant. This material is lightweight, easy to break apart, doesn’t create splinters, is perfect for chewing enjoyment and all natural. Sola balls are a classic bird foot toy and great fun for pets to shred. The sola material can be grabbed by beaks and feet and will break apart for chewing beaks of all types and sizes. These larger sized balls are excellent for providing lots of shredding and chewing fun.