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Zoo Med

24 Lb (3 X 8 Lb) Zoo Med Reptifresh Odor Eliminating Substrate

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  • Absorbs odors in the terrarium
  • Natural color with no added dyes or chemicals
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior

Repti Fresh will stimulate natural digging and burrowing behaviors. Easy to maintain - can last up to 12 months before having to replace. Zoo Meds ReptiFresh Odor Eliminating Substrate is a natural mineral substrate.

Ideal for Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos, Uromastyx lizards, Desert species of skinks, Geckos and agamid lizards, Iguanas, Hermit Crabs, Sand boas and many other species of reptiles.

  • Zoo Med ReptiFresh Odor Eliminating Substrate
  • 24 lbs (3 x 8 lbs)
  • Zoo Med