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Ladder 12" x 5"

2091 Ladder 12X5 Medium Bird Toys Cockatiel Parrot Conure Macaw Budgie

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The 2091 Ladder 12” x 5” From Bonka Bird Toys is a great climbing item for your medium sized bird. The ladder is a durable toy and can be used for many, many hours by your pet. The top of the ladder has two medium sized hooks that make it easy to connect to a cage or any other surface that will support it. Both of the hooks are screwed into the tops of the sides of the ladder. These pieces of wood are natural colored and run the entire length. The ladder rungs are set snugly in place and are colored. There are six ladder rungs on the toy. The 2091 Ladder 12” x 5” From Bonka Bird Toys Toys is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately: Height: (12) inches Width: (5) inches Depth:(0.75) inch Weight: (7) ounces   Durable ladder for a medium pet bird. Great colors on the rungs. Two hooks on the top for easy mounting and hanging. Made with 100% bird safe materials. 
2091 12 inch Thick Ladder Bird Toy