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2 Pack Reptile Food Bowls - Reptile Water and Food Bowls, Novelty Food Bowl for Lizards, Young Bearded Dragons, Small Snakes and More - Made from Non-Toxic, Bpa-Free Plastic

2 Pack Reptile Food Bowls - Reptile Water and Food Bowls, Novelty Food Bowl for Lizards, Young Bearded Dragons, Small Snakes and More - Made from Non-Toxic, Bpa-Free Plastic

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  • The aesthetic of wood with the durability of plastic. This reptile terrarium bowl is just the perfect balance of design and function. Simulating the texture and look of a cut log, these bowls can complement the natural look of most reptile habitats. Place it amongst the driftwood or stone hardscapes for a visually pleasing feeding and watering corner. Add an aesthetic appeal to your pet's habitat without compromising the need for a large capacity feeding bowl. At 3*5 inches in diameter, the  reptile food bowls can easily fit on most reptile terrariums and vivariums. With a depth of 0.8 inches, these bowls are perfect not only as food and water bowls but also as soaking basins. The low yet thick edge and textured surface allow lizards and snakes to eat and drink comfortably and the relatively wide diameter ensures that the bowl has a large enough capacity for small to medium-sized pets. The width and depth ratio of these bowls won't allow the bowl to easily tip over - even if your pet leans on the brim for an extended period of time. There's no need to worry about food waste and mess from upturned bowls. With an almost unbreakable build, your pets can climb, and even soak on the bowls without the risk of cracks. One interesting use for these reptile bowls is as a soaking basin for amphibians, especially frogs. The bowls can hold about 1 cup of water - enough water for the frogs to enjoy a soak without the risk of overwhelming smaller frogs. Create a realistic natural habitat for your beloved pets without sacrificing functionality. Retire your old plastic food and water bowls for ones that not only look good on a wide variety of habitats but also have versatile uses. With the 2 Pack Reptile Food Bowls, you'll get a reptile food bowl, a water bowl, a soaking basin, and a decor all for the price of a plastic bowl. Now, that's what you call a steal!

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  • PERFECT FOOD AND WATER BOWLS FOR REPTILES - Are you looking for a food and water bowl that comes with a large capacity? This 2 pack reptile food bowl is perfect for you. Minimize food waste with a food bowl that is the right size and depth for beloved pets.
  • MADE FROM NON-TOXIC, BPA-FREE PLASTIC - Animal-safe and made from 100% premium-quality composite plastic. Odorless and easy to clean, these bowls require little to no maintenance. And with a lightweight yet sturdy build, it can stay with your pets for years to come.
  • UNIQUE AND STYLISH DESIGN - Tired of plastic bowls ruining the look of your pet's habitat? This novelty food bowl will add aesthetic value to any reptile habitat whether it be tropical, jungle, or desert-themed. It can blend right into terrariums and vivariums or standout as a focal point in your pet's habitat setup. What a functional decor indeed!
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR SMALLER REPTILES - Approximately 3" x 5" x 0.8". It's the perfect size for small to medium-sized reptiles, amphibians, and even small mammals like rats and guinea pigs. The low edge allows smaller and shorter animals to eat and drink comfortably. The edge's brim is also thick enough to provide leverage for snakes and smaller lizards.
  • Perfect food bowls for reptiles, such as leopard, gecko, lizard, spider, scorpion, chameleon ,crickets and more
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