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Yoleny Wooden Cat Bed Capsule Spaceship Gamma Cat Bed with Acrylic Dome, Indoor Cat House with Large Transparent Capsule for Mammals

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  • cat bed space capsule

Yoleny Cat Bed Capsule. Does your cat want to sleep in a cool spaceship? The Yoleny Cat Bed Capsule is designed specifically for small pets to have some quality rest and personal space, and observe the outside world with their eyes. Our wooden kitten bed is not only stylish and attractive to have, but also easy to clean compared to those made with cotton or fur. Your feline friend will stay comfortable while owners enjoy its looks. Designed with your cat in mind, the capsule bed interior has ample space for your pet to interact with. Your cat will use it right away!

  • Specification
    - Product Dimensions: 24.8" x 15.75" x 15.75"
    - Material: Basswood, acrylic dome.
    - Design: capsule shape, transparent.
    - Weight: 4.3 kg

    Product Features
    - Double transparent acrylic domes for the cat to observe things clearly.
    - Four air holes for better air circulation inside the capsule.
    - Provides a cozy space for your cats during cold times.
    - Made with cat-friendly quality basswood.

    Package Includes
    1 x Capsule cat bed
    1 x Assembly Manual
    1 x Screw Bag