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WavePoint Technology Inc.

Wave Point 2-Pack Reef Wave HO T-5 24-Watt Universal Aquarium Lamp

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  • Higher lumens per watt ratio
  • Optimum color rendition
  • Universal replacement bulb for all HO T-5 light fixtures
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Wave point Reef wave 24 watt 2 pack of high quality versatile high output T-5 lamp which can be a universal replacement lamp for industry standard high output T-5 light fixtures. This is the next generation in Actinic light, the bulb is a combination of two different color spectrums blue light and is combined with our Reef Wave 420 nm actinic light. The emitting light provides proper light spectrum for growth of photosynthetic corals. The combination of light will also aid in illuminating the aquarium and provide eye popping color causing corals to fluoresce. It is a standard lamp in all HO T-5 Wave-point light hoods. For use: Saltwater, reef and freshwater aquariums.