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Waterproof Airtag Dog Collar Holder, Protective Airtag Case for Dog Collar, Air Tag Loop for GPS Dog Tracker, Dog Trackers for Apple Iphone, Airtag Pet, Dog Airtag Holder (Pink)

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  • WATERPROOF: The only waterproof case with NO TOOLS required. Your AirTag will be completely protected against water damage in our case, and you’ll never need special tools to open or close it.
  • PATENT PENDING: Designed to fit Apple AirTag and attach to your pet’s collar so you can never lose track of your little loved one. Perfectly fitting the AirTag without any loss of Bluetooth signal to your phone.
  • DURABILITY: Material built for durability against scratches and impacts, and it fully encases AirTag so it won’t be lost while pets play, unlike our competitors products made of silicone that fully exposes the AirTag. We’ve paid close attention to designing this case with real pet owners in mind.
  • ADDITIONAL USES: Our case can also be used anywhere a key ring can be attached such as keys or backpacks too! (Note: Apple AirTag not included in purchase)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Easy and excellent customer service for the life of your product! Contact us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns with your product. We offer Lifetime warranty and free replacements!

The only fully tool-less waterproof Apple Airtag Dog Collar Holder. Using your Apple iPhone with your Airtag, you pay no monthly fees as with many GPS Dog Tracker systems. Track your pet with less worry, enable "lost mode" and notify others whom may find your dog to contact you. Completely tool-less design to open but our patent pending design won't open unless it's removed from the collar first. Our box includes two different types of key rings; one silver spring loaded key ring along with a traditional round keyring. Made for dogs, but can be used to loop an Airtag to other accessories with a fitting strap. *Please note the Apple Airtag is sold separately from the dog collar holder