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Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life Mini Pigglesworth Latex Dog Toys, Assorted, 2 Count

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  • 2-pack of the classic dog-favorite toy, pigglesworth, now in a miniature size.
  • Latex for easy cleaning and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Fiber filling gives it a great chew texture.
  • Grunting voice box speaks back when squeezed.
  • Soft material great for gentle chewers.
  • Assorted colors.

Our toys are a dog's best friend their trademarked polka dot-designed latex in bright colors comes with a plush fiber stuffing inside that gives the toy a great chewing texture. With each squeeze, Wigglesworth will make a life-like grunting noise that will keep your pooch entertained and engaged in play. The latex outer material is easy to clean and excellent for gentle chewers. Mini Wigglesworth dog toys are a great toy choice for dogs of all ages and sizes and are available in a variety of assorted vibrant colors. Vibrant life's trademarked Wigglesworth latex pigs will make your dog go wild. Help your pets live a vibrant life. Our products are specially crafted with one goal in mind, seeing your pet at its very best. With offerings designed to keep animals healthy, happy, and energized, vibrant life stands out as the brand that truly puts your pet first.

Vibrant life mini pigglesworth latex dog toys, assorted, 2 count: