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Vibrant Life Dog Toys Green Hand Plush, Green Cord, Medium Dog Toy

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With a giant smile, this plush hand is the holiday present that's at the top of your furry friend's wish list. The toy comes complete with a soft build and a fun array of chewable parts your dog will enjoy throughout the entire season. Its size makes it ideal for engaging in a fun and exciting game of tug-of-war between you and your dog and it even includes a built-in squeaker, which your favorite four-legged companion is sure to spend countless hours gnawing away on. Bring home some winter cheer for all the members in your family this season and be sure to pick up a Vibrant Life Plush Dog Toy.

Vibrant Life Q4 Feature

Super soft stuffed build

Has a built-in squeaker

Green hand with a huge smile

Will keep your dog entertained for hours

Perfect for your dog to chew on alone, or to play with you or other dogs

Great for light-moderate chewing

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