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Vibrant Life Blue Whale Plush Dog Toy

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  • design made from recycled materials
  • Keeps your pet engaged in playtime for countless hours of fun
  • Lots of chewing surfaces with varied dimensions, textures, and sounds
  • Crinkly fins and a soft body give your pet plenty of options for play
  • Squeeze one of the two internal squeakers, in the head or in the tail, to get your pet's attention
  • Play with your pet or let them amuse themselves
  • Chew level 2: light-moderate chewing
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Our Vibrant Life Blue Whale Plush Toy is the perfect pet toy for both the eco-conscious and pet-conscious individual. Every Vibrant Life Toy is made from recycled materials to help keep plastic out of landfills, which means that even if your dog destroys their toy and you have to get another, you'll be doing your part in contributing to a greener environment while keeping your dog happy, too. With plenty of whale to chew on, like the crinkly fins, knotted rope spout, and the head and tail with internal squeakers, your furry friend can look forward to spending countless hours with their new toy. Smooth, soft, and rough textures give your pet plenty of sensory input and different thicknesses to enjoy chewing on. The different textures, bright color, and traditional squeaky and crinkly sounds will keep your dog active and engaged for hours.

Vibrant Life  Blue Whale Plush Toy: