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Fetch for Pets

The Dodo 8" Nylon+Bamboo Chicken Flavor Dental Dog Chew Toy, Dog Toy

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  • Durable chew toy for dogs – Great for teething, destructive chewers, reducing stress and anxiety, dental care, and weight management
  • Easy-to-grip shape – Dogs chew longer when it’s easier to hold  
  • Peanut Butter Flavor
  • Made of durable bamboo, fewer shards


Our delicious and engaging dog chew toys are made from a bamboo-nylon blend. This sturdy material means fewer dangerous shards, leaving it easier on the teeth and gums. In other words, it’s a more practical and safer toy for dogs who prefer chewing a toy to smithereens. The Dodo Dental Dog Chew Toy measures 8” from end to end and is a delectable flavor of peanut butter. Our dog chew toys are made from high-quality materials and are superbly designed to last, so they’re fantastic for teething and deterring destructive or anxious chewing. This dog toy for heavy-duty chewers is also a weight-managing alternative to edible treats and snacks — your pup can chew all day without you worrying about their waistline.

The Dodo Dental Dog Chew Toy