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Tänzedzm 4 PCS Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement, Waterproof Dog Boots Matching Apply to Large and Medium-Sized Dogs with Reflective Strips

Tänzedzm 4 PCS Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement, Waterproof Dog Boots Matching Apply to Large and Medium-Sized Dogs with Reflective Strips

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  • Size3#: Suitable for dog breeds over 28 pounds (12.5KG) such as Schnauzers and Poodle dogs. Please measure the sole of the dog's feet before buying. Refer to the size chart in the picture. If the size of the dog's sole is between the two, please choose a larger size to ensure that the dog is comfortable to wear.
  • High-quality fabrics are used: four-sided stretch fabric + high-end space leather. The four-sided stretch fabric can adapt to the dog's activities. Space leather gives the advantages of wear resistance and not easy to fade
  • Adjustable Nylon reflective webbing: easy to put on and take off. The top of the dog shoes contains stretchable fabric so that the dog can easily put on and take off the dog shoes. Reflective straps can prevent dog shoes from falling off the dog's paws, and can also make your dog safer at night. If your dog is wearing dog shoes for the first time, she/he may take off dog shoes in the first few seconds. Please let your dog try a few more times until she/he gets used to walking in dog shoes.
  • High-quality rubber outsole: high abrasion resistance, can withstand multiple bending, stretching, compression without damage, improve comfort and response speed, not easy to slip.
  • Waterproof and comfortable: These dog boots can keep the dog's feet dry and clean, and the waterproof sole keeps the dog's paws comfortable and warm in rainy days, so you don't need to clean/dry the dog's paws. These dog shoes are easy to clean and easy to use. Dog shoes are soft and comfortable, and effectively protect the dog's paws from various external environments.

Why wear dog shoes for dogs
1: Make sure the dog is clean, because after the dog's feet are dirty, cleaning is a very troublesome thing. In addition, It can also avoid hurting your hands when washing your dog's feet. Dog shoes can avoid these problems because you only need to take off the dog shoes for cleaning
2: It can prevent dogs from hurting their feet by sharp objects
3: It can prevent the dog's feet from being hurt by the high temperature floor in summer and the cold floor in winter
4: After the dog puts on the shoes, don’t worry about the floor being cracked by the dog’s paw
5: It can also prevent dogs from destroying furniture
6: Non-slip, the dog can also play on the smooth floor of the house, because not only will he not injure the floor, he will not slip to hurt himself
7: It can prevent the dog from accidentally hurting his family when playing with his family
Material: four-sided stretch fabric + high-end space leather + nylon reflective webbing + rubber wear-resistant sole
Note: Please follow the method in the chart to measure the sole of the dog's feet, because it is manually measured, there may be an error of 0.3cm (0.12 inch)
Set contains: 4 dog shoes (the same style does not distinguish between front, back, left and right feet)

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