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Springcorner 4 Pcs Natural Silvervine Catnip Cat Teeth Cleaning,Cat Chew Toy,Catmint Silvervine Blend Sticks,Catnip Cat Chew Toys for Kittens Teeth Cleaning,Cat Dental Care

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  • Protection For Oral Health
  • Made with 100% natural wild
  • Suitable For All Indoor Pet
  • Size:
  • Package included: 2*Chewing Toys

Excellent material: made of natural silver vine branches, high-quality natural raw materials, make kittens happy and refreshing. Does not addict cats and has no side effects

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: As a cat chewing stick, it is good for refreshing breath, removing tartar and preventing tartar; vomiting hair balls, effectively eliminating hair balls and toxic substances in the body; improving cat appetite and improving intestinal and stomach

UNIQUE DESIGN: The combination of insect gall fruit, feathers, corn shells and catnip stick makes it easier for your cat to love it. The cat can not only chew it, but also use it as a daily toy

Promote Movement: As this product exerts a certain attraction to cats, cats can make temporary behaviour changes such as chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling and running after use, which do not harm them

Reminder: the product is naturally grown, there are slight differences in length and diameter, please refer to the actual product