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Sofa/Door/Floor Scratch Prevention Guard for Cat Pet Anti-Scratch Tape Roll, Furniture Protector Clear Sticker

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  • Cat scratch tape is a firm and durable scratch-proof tape specially designed for pet cats. There are 2 sizes for you to choose from.
  • This is one-sided tape, which can effectively prevent your pet from scratching your furniture.
  • The transparent sticky tape provides a way to protect your furniture from pet scratches without destroying the furniture surface.
  • The tape can be bonded to most surfaces such as suede, leather, artificial leather, dyed wood vinyl plastics, and bricks.
  • It is easy and flexible to use and it is long enough. You can DIY to protect your sofa, doors, stairs, car seats and other surfaces.
  • It uses a durable silicone adhesive, hypoallergenic, safe for pets, and harmless to the surface for furniture.