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Sisal Cat Scratch Board Cat Scratcher Kitten Mat Climbing Tree Chair Table Mat Furniture Protector Cat Play Toys

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  • Cat Scratch Board , Cat Scratcher , Chair Table Mat , Protector Cat Play Toys, Cat Scratch Pad, Natural Sisal Cat Scratcher Mat Four sizes, Cat Scratching Pad , Scratching Mat Post Tree Scratcher
  • The natural sisal has the special smell that cats like, and it has a good hardness which is suitable for the cat to bite and scratch.
  • There is a ball attached to the mat with a rope, which is interesting and funny.
  • It can attract your cats' attention and protect your furniture, especially for the sofa.
  • It is also a good sleeping mat for cats, and it is safe and non-toxic.
  • When the cat feels boring, it can allow the cat to grind the claw and make them appease.

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Product description:

Product features:

  1. Safe & Non-toxic - The pet natural sisal cat scratching mat, for one, is environmentally and cat-friendly. It has not been treated with any harsh oils, chemicals, or other substances which may harm your cat or the environment around it.
  2. Multi-Scene - The scratcher mat can not only be a cat scratch pad, play mat, but also a sleeping mat, a litter mat, of course, you can also use it as a mat of the door
  3. Antiskid Design - Anti-skid latex at the bottom, increase its thickness and stability so that it is not easy to slide
  4. Environmentally Friendly - The pet natural sisal cat scratching mat is made of 100% natural and biodegradable materials, so once you throw it out, it will degrade on its own, thus not filling up landfills
  5. Durable and Thoughtful Design - For avoiding the mat from splitting, it’s edge is locked so that it can be stable after your kitten scratch. Besides, for more stable performance, it is equipped with anti-slip bottom makes your pet play with more fun.

Product details:

  • Type: Cat scratch mat
  • Color: Random color
  • Type: Scratching Mat
  • Quantity: 1pcs
  • Material: Sisal
  • Mode: S Size/M Size/L Size/XL Size
  • S Size: 30.0*40.0cm/11.8*15.7” (L*W)
  • M Size: 30.0*50.0cm/11.8*19.7” (L*W)
  • L Size: 40.0*50.0cm/15.7*19.7” (L*W)
  • XL Size: 40.0*60.0cm/15.7*23.6” (L*W)
  • Highlights: Anti slip, High-quality material
  • Packing list:1 * Scratching Mat (Random Color)

  • Durable, natural sisal covering is perfect for conditioning cat nails.
  • Help dissuade your pet from scratching carpeted surfaces and furniture.
  • This Cat Scratch Mat will provide your cat hours of entertainment.
  • Easy yo roll up & take with you Natural Sisal,Hypoallergenic properties.
  • Six kinds of Neutral colors,No cardboard or twine mess, random color