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Silly Squeakers Jose Perro Durable Dog Squeaky Toy

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This Silly Squeakers Jose Perro Dog Squeaky Toy is the ideal way to make sure that your furry friend is the life of the party. No longer does your dog have to suffer with boring squeaky animal shapes or cute baby-like toys that have been around forever. These durable dog toys will allow them to have some fun and laughter in their lives as well. They are a line of fun, creative and hilarious rubber squeaky toys that are sure to have everyone talking. The creators of this dog bottle toy have pushed the limits of their imagination to bring you this series of one-of-a-kind toys. They'll bring you and your dog tons of fun and laughter. Silly Squeakers Jose Perro Dog Squeaky Toys are made from the highest-quality materials to ensure your dog's safety. They are a way to help your fur baby work out some pent up energy and fulfill his need to chew while you enjoy the comical shapes that resemble real items.

Silly Squeakers Jose Perro Liquor Bottle Dog Toy -Funny, novelty dog toy with a loud squeaker your dog is sure to obsess over! Great for playing catch and fetch and for taking pictures with your pooch. Perfect for all dog breeds.