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SHICHENG Decorative Cat House & Side Table - Cat Home Covered Nightstand - Indoor Pet Crate - Litter Box Enclosure - Hooded Hidden Pet Box - Cats Furniture Cabinet - Kitty Washroom

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  • Specifications: Color:Brown Material:P2 Density Board Product Dimensions: 18.9" (L) x 20"(W) x 20.2"(H) Door openings size: 8.3”x 6.5” Side window size: 4.6”x2.4” Top panel Thickness:18mm Door, side panel and bottom Thickness:12mm Net Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Cat house - Brown Color: Brown Material: MDF The overall shape of the cat house is a cuboid, and the overall size is 48.7 * 51 * 46.5cm Other dimensions: Door panel size: 42.7 * 39.1cm Panel size on both sides: 44 * 49.5cm Base plate size: 43.3 * 48CM Back plate size: 44.5 * 40.8cm Size of the front door bottom bracket of the cat house: 43.3 * 2.2cm (minimum width) / 3cm (maximum width) There is a small hollow Pentagon door and window with a width of 18.3cm and a height of 21.2cm in the center of the door panel There are two small rectangular windows of 11.5 * 6cm above the panels on both sides The patterns on both sides of the panel are vertical lines with a width of 4.5cm There are 4 Plastic pads at the bottom of the cat house; The product contains an English manual.

Features: Good ventilation and high privacy, excellent for indoor cats. It’s a cat cave and an ornament of your home as a side table. Wide top providing lots of space for extra storage. Magnetic door protects it from opening when your cat goes in and out. High quality P2 density board makes it strong and durable Assembly Required