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Scratchme Cat Scratcher Post Cardboard, Christmas Tree Shape Cat Scratching Lounge Bed, Durable Pad Prevents Furniture Damage, 1-Pack

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  • Prevents Furniture Damage
  • Satisfies Scratching Instinct
  • Rest And Play
  • Recycled Material

Scratch Me durable and materials: our cat scratch board are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard. It contains a high-density five-layer corrugated paper that confirm durability and is therefore difficult to be torn by cats. All materials are tested using international safety standards. Features: cat scratching pads help them sharpen and remove The outer layers of the claws, Stretching and bending The body to let off some energy. Scratch Me cat Scratchpads provide a comfortable resting and scratching place for your cat. Your cat won't scratch your furniture, but will be happy to scrape off the cheaper, tree bark like cardboard. . Unique design: Cat scratch cards boards with wave design lets the cat scratch and lounge on it comfortably. The attractive scratch board design blends easily with home décor and can be placed anywhere in the room. Catnip is a plant that natural attracts cats, the free can contains catnip that can be added to the board to attract cats to this scratch Boar and keep their claws off your furniture. Tip: If your cat is not interested in the scratcher, use some catnip, some snacks and toys to guide them to the board.