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Rural365 Chicken Hemp Bedding - 33Lb Industrial Hemp Bale for Small Animals

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  • [Comfortable Hemp Bedding for Small Animals] Extend the benefits of hemp products to your pets by using the Rural365 Hemp Coop Bedding; Hemp pet bedding provides a soft, comfortable environment with a high thermal rating
  • [Incredible Absorbency] Trap ammonia and unwanted smells in your chicken coop or small animal cage; Industrial hemp chicken coop bedding can absorb up to 4 times its weight making it 2 times more absorbent than pine shavings, animal wood chip bedding, or straw
  • [Safe for your Pets] Less acidic and creates minimal dust makes hemp bedding chicken coop shavings healthier for your small animals; Hemp chicken bedding shavings are free of chemicals and dyes making it safe even for your burrowing pets
  • [Make an Economical Choice] All natural hemp animal bedding and bird nesting material is eco-friendly and lasts longer than standard wood and paper bedding options; Grown and Packaged in the Netherlands; Please Note – Color of bedding may vary depending on field conditions; This does not affect the quality of the product
  • [Easy to Use] Spread your chicken bedding hemp shavings, then mist and turn over to activate absorbent properties; Perfect for deep litter method; One 33 pound (15kg) bag can lay a 1.5-inch base for an 8 x 6-foot large chicken coop

Trap odors, increase comfort, and ensure the safety of your animals with the Rural365 Hemp Poultry Bedding 33lb Industrial Hemp Nesting Box Material. Unlike standard pine, paper, and animal wood bedding materials, hemp absorbs up to 4 times its weight and traps unwanted odors while creating less dust for easier cleanup. Each hemp bedding bulk 33-pound bale offers enough material to cover an 8 x 6-foot area with 1.5 inches of soft, comfortable hemp bedding for chicken coops. Void of chemicals, dyes, and additives make this small pet bedding healthy and safe for your chickens, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, and lizards. Bulk animal bedding hemp material is grown and packaged in the Netherlands.
Rural365 Chicken Hemp Bedding - 33lb Industrial Hemp Bale for Small Animals