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Ranphy Small Dog Sandals Water Resistant Summer Paw Protector Anti-Slip Shoes for Boy Girl Breathable Mesh Dog Shoes Pink XS

Ranphy Small Dog Sandals Water Resistant Summer Paw Protector Anti-Slip Shoes for Boy Girl Breathable Mesh Dog Shoes Pink XS

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  • SIZE INFO:1# (LxW) - 3.5cm X 2.5cm /(1.37inch * 1inch),(inner length * inner width,between size,the large one are suggested)
  • Mesh MATERIAL is ventilate, soft and cozy,Nonslip rubber sole provide traction and protect paws from hot pavement,asphalt, salt, grass etc,avoid burned when walking on deck and beach
  • Adjustable straps DESIGN keep them snug and secure.easy and quick on/off,but difficul slop off if they fit;REFLECTIVE strap reflect the light in the dark,this summer dog shoes keep your dog,cat safe even in the dim day,dark night
  • Deluxe ANTI-SLIP rubber sole,Protect paws,nonslip,Great rubber stability and protection from sharp objects,keep paws dry and clean,perfect pet paw protector wear in sping,summer,autumn,indoor and outdoor activity
  • SIZE run small, around 1-2cm inaccuracy due to hand measure. Please choose 1-2cm larger for your pet, which will be more comfortable.MEASURE before purchase,any concerns please feel free to contact us,we are here to help you

Note: Compare your measurements to our sizing chart. Because different shoes have different size, please careful check before buy.
Size detail update: (inner length * inner width)
1# (LxW) - 3.5cm X 2.5cm /(1.37inch * 1inch)
2# (LxW) - 4cm x 3cm /(1.57inch * 1.18inch)
3# (LxW) - 4.5cm x 3.5cm /(1.77inch * 1.37inch)
4# (LxW) - 5cm X 4cm /(2inch * 1.57inch)
5# (LxW) - 5.5cm X 4.5cm /(2.1inch * 1.77inch)

Some experience to share with every buyer:
1. How to measure the paw size of you dog? First put your dog's FRONT paw on a paper, drawing a circle around the paw, then, measure the width and length of the circle , and last add 1CM for both width and length.(If your dog's is a long hair breed or a adult dog, add a little more.)
(1)Mark the length and width of his paw on a piece of paper. Place a sheet of paper on a hard surface that your dog can stand on. Only the paw you are measuring needs to be on the paper. When a dog puts pressure on a paw, the pawwill splay so ensure that he is putting weight on the paw you are measuring. If you measure a paw that is not splayed, the shoes will be too small.
(2)You can do this by gently holding the opposite paw in your hand so all the dog's weight is on the paw you are measuring.
(3)Clearly mark each side at widest point, and front and back. Don't forget to include the toenails.
2. Some dogs are well behaved,they are willing to dress up. But some nauthy dogs, we do not recommended that you consider to buy shoes! ! !They will want to go off, bite, damage the shoes.
3.If it's the first time your dog wearing shoes, you must pay closely attention to observe the dog's behavior.If you dog do not know how to walk, you'd better lead them;if your dog start to bite the shoes, you'd better say "NO" to him.When they used to it, everything is OK now. =)

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