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Pets Pick Red Cedar Fresh Bedding for Small Animals, Livestock, Dogs, 2 CF Expands to 5 CF

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  • 2.0 cu ft bag expands to 5.0 cu ft
  • All-natural cedar wood bedding
  • Maximum absorbency for excellent odor control
  • Soft & gentle on animal fur

Ideal for various types of animals!

Key Product Features

Cedar is a natural insect repellent, and can be placed about the property to ward off the pesky insects! It is ideal for dog houses, dog runs, dog beds, rabbit cages & horse stalls. It creates a warm environment that can help keep your animals comfortable and clean.

Pet's Pick Cedar Bedding, 5.0 cu ft:
  • Ideal for dog beds, houses and runs
  • Pets stay odor-free, warm and dry
  • Cedar chips are kiln dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria
  • Cedar wood chips are triple screened to remove irritating dust