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Orphek OR3 (60, Blue Sky)

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  • The new model OR3 60 – 2021 comes with NEW LEDs! – Orphek is worldwide recognized by being the leader in LED Aquarium lighting solutions capable of delivering products that provide perfect intensity/efficiency.
  • (SPECTRUM) Blue Sky (450nm - 470nm) is a mix of two LEDs with distinctly different spectral qualities. These wavelengths are important in zooxanthellae photosynthesis – chlorophylls a and c2 utilise blue, while the accessory pigment peridinin absorbs green light up to about 450nm. These wavelengths are also away from protective xanthophyll absorption – a plus photosynthetically speaking. For super SPS/LPs fluorescent POP!
  • (LEDs) 18 new customized high efficiency 5w Dual-Core power LEDs that are even more technologically advanced, therefore more efficient! – Our LEDs will last longer because we have improved its life span and are more resistant to higher heat! – Highest PAR longevity with really minimum loss over the years! Not only that, we have also improved its internal lens!
  • (VERSATILE) You can add as many as you wish or combine with Orphek Atlantik / Compact to have an even more amazing tank! – You can combine with other brands for extra coral pop, health and grow!
  • (WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SUPPORT) - Amazon 30 days return guarantee plus Warranty and Support from Orphek. Also if you have any questions, please contact us via Amazon Q&A section.