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Ogioxam Bird Perch, Metal Perches for Parakeet, Bird Stand for Budgie Cockatiel Macaw and More

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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: If you think this perches is quite novel, chances are your bird does too. This is an advantage, that a novel living environment is good for health.
  • SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT: non-toxic, no paint, no zinc, never rusted
  • STURDY & DURABLE: The perch is made of aluminium; wing nuts and washer are made of stainless steel. Even the biggest parrot can not destroy it
  • WASHABLE: The perches are made of metal with means they are easy to clean
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY FEET: Knurling, sandblasting, and anodizing makes the surface rough and hard. Help your bird's beak and nails trimmed naturally