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Bugs for Birds!

NORTH AMERICAN-RAISED Bugs for Birds! Better than Mealworms - Dried BSF Larvae - Natural Chicken Feed Supplement / Wild Bird Treats - for Healthy Eggs and Feathers!

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  • 💪 50x THE CALCIUM IN MEALWORMS! – Birds love to eat grubs and worms. However not all dried grub treats & snacks are created equal. Bugs for Birds are Natural Calcium Feed Supplements for your Chickens / Water fowl / Wild Bird that we encourage you to compare with other brands.
  • ✅ NORTH AMERICAN-RAISED – For happy healthy chickens, choose Bugs for Birds! Other Mealworm and BSF Larvae brands import from China. Ours’ are NOT Microwave dried.
  • 🌎 COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING – We add Probiotics to our dried grubs for a healthy gut microbiome, and only compostable bags & labels.
  • 🍳 PROMOTES EGG & FEATHER GROWTH – High in Protein for a Natural Molting supplement. High in Calcium for strong egg shells and helping soft egg shell problems. Healthy fats and Omega 3s help deepen egg yolk color.
  • 🐓 NUTRITIOUS TREAT – Great as a Duck / Turkey / Guinea Hen Feed Supplement, Hedgehog Snacks, Bearded Dragon / Lizard & Reptile Food, Turtle Treats, or Fish Meal! 👩🌾 5% of Profits Fund the MAD AGRICULTURE Non-Profit, Promoting Regenerative Agriculture Practices 👩🌾

Do you care about your birds, and want a product that reflects this? Our genuine intention has been to simply produce the all-around highest quality product, from start to finish and beyond, for your birds.Our grubs are sustainably raised here in the Pacific Northwest and come in compostable packaging. They hold 50X MORE CALCIUM than Mealworms and a richer nutritional profile. Our grubs provide important microbial PROBIOTICS to promote overall strong digestion and a healthy gut microbiome. Enhance your birds’ egg production, deepen Yolk Color, strengthen Shell Strength, and promote Feather Growth! Bugs for Birds! is a Boulder, Colorado company run by Americans. We give 5% of our Profits to the Boulder-based non-profit MAD AGRICULTURE which promotes Regenerative Agriculture practices. We stand by our products 100%