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NICREW Saltwater Aquarium Light, Marine LED Fish Tank Light for Coral Reef Tanks, 2-Channel Timer Included

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  • Features 445nm and 460nm blue, 10,000K white, and RGB LEDs, a higher ratio of actinic blue spectrum LEDs balanced with full spectrum creates the ideal color combination for the saltwater environment
  • Comes with the dual-channel timer to adjust the lighting spectrum, simulate a gradual sunrise and fading sunset through the gradual increase and decrease of light intensity
  • One ClassicLED Marine light will support saltwater fish, live rock, soft coral, and LPS corals. For low light SPS corals, we suggest using two lights
  • Available in multiple sizes and includes extendable brackets on both ends to accommodate both rimless and framed aquariums length 18 - 24 inch
  • A glass or acrylic canopy is highly recommended to extend the life of the unit by preventing moisture from affecting it

Product Description

Saltwater Aquarium Reef Light

The saltwater light provides the ultimate opportunity to create a realistic underwater home aquarium environment and stunning lighting effect in the day or night. It is ideal for marine fish, live rock and corals tanks.

ClassicLED Marine LED

The ClassicLED Marine LED aquarium light is a new saltwater light of the NICREW hood light. Combines white, 445nm blue, 460nm blue and RGB LEDs, the light spectrum just brings natural lighting effect for your fish tanks. It features a dual-channel timer that allows you to adjust the intensity and set ramp effects for different channels. This low-profile fixture also has adjustable legs to fit multiple aquarium lengths.

  • Three lighting modes
  • Durable aluminum alloy shell
  • The recommended lighting time is 8-10 hours
  • Super safe 20V DC fixture for aquarium use
  • Compatible with Nicrew dual-channel LED timer (Included in the package)
  • This appliance is recommended for use over a glass aquarium cover or panel

Operate with Dual-channel Timer

This timer can control the white and blue lighting channels separately. It features 24-hour LED aquarium lighting control with two modes: 15-minute sunrise and sunset or instant ON/OFF.

Bright LEDs

Composed of cool white, 445nm blue, 460nm blue, and RGB LEDs. Bright daylight and nightlight create an ideal environment for marine fish, live rock and corals.

Adjustable Brackets

Comes with adjustable brackets to fit the aquarium tank from 18 - 24 inches. Easily mounts on framed or frameless aquariums with the extendable mounts.

Fits Aquarium 18 - 24 in 24 - 30 in 30 - 36 in 36 - 48 in 48 - 60 in
Watts 20W 24W 32W 36W 48W
Number of LEDs 72 96 117 150 192
Beam Angle 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°
LUX@12" Depth 5600 6600 7200 7200 7200
PAR@12" Depth 85 97 108 108 108
LED Channels 2 2 2 2 2
Compatible with Our Dual-channel Timer Yes, included in package Yes, included in package Yes, included in package Yes, included in package Yes, included in package
Coral Suitability Soft corals and LPS corals Soft corals and LPS corals Soft corals and LPS corals Soft corals and LPS corals Soft corals and LPS corals