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Mzlvspet Dog Boots, Waterproof Boots for Dogs, Dog Booties with Anti-Slip Sole Reflective Straps, Outdoor Dog Shoes for Medium Large Dogs 4PCS

Mzlvspet Dog Boots, Waterproof Boots for Dogs, Dog Booties with Anti-Slip Sole Reflective Straps, Outdoor Dog Shoes for Medium Large Dogs 4PCS

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  • 【Size Selection】Size 5: 2.7''x2.3''(L*W) for 41-60lbs (The weight is only for reference, please measure the dog's paw size before choosing suitable dog shoes) Great for Border Collie; American Cooker Spaniel; Medium Chow Chow etc. Please refer to the picture size chart, You can choose the right size for your dog for the most comfortable fit
  • 【Features & Materials】Black waterproof protection paw dog shoes for large medium small dogs, Made of high quality fabrics, wear resistant, to bear or endure dirty, soft, breathable. Very suitable for Hiking and Camping, Daily walking, Rainny day, Seaside beach, In house, Night walking, Cold winter, Hot summer, Warm spring, Cozy autumn
  • 【Safety and soft soles】The dog boots sole have a soft anti-slip fabrics, gog boots Soft and breathable, Tough anti-slip sole provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement, And to protect the dog to walk safely on the snow and ice in winter, comfortable and warm. Ensuring a safe adventure for the dog
  • 【Reflective Design】Reflective material on the Velcro straps of pet booties keeps dogs safe at night, and it is also convenient for you to find the dog when the dog is out at night. Reflective tape enhances visibility and safety at night, providing comfortable and safe protection for your dog, big, medium and small.
  • 【Convenient Design】The pet shoes are firmly fixed by 2 Velcro straps. The length can be adjusted according to the needs to ensure the comfort of the dog. Pet boots easy to put on and take off. Please try to tighten the Velcro straps after wearing, which can effectively prevent the shoes from falling off the dog's paws, dog booties for medium large dogs

Product Description

Effectively protect enough paws in hot, cold, sharp, wet, muddy ground

Hot summer

The soft and breathable fabric and rubber sole can form a barrier between your dog and the hot ground, thereby protecting your pet's paws.

Daily walking

These dog shoes are very suitable for daily walks and can protect the dog's paws from stones, asphalt, grass, etc. A dog with dog boots will prefer to play with you and enjoy the love you give it.


Dog shoes are very suitable for home use, can prevent dogs from scratching the floor and carpet, soft and comfortable non-slip soles can also make your pet walk smoother on the indoor hardwood floors.

Keep paws clean

When your dog comes back from the outside wearing shoes, you don't need to wipe the muddy or sandy paws. These shoes can keep the dog's paws clean and dry.

Rainy day

Dog shoes made of waterproof materials can prevent rainwater from entering the shoes, keep the dog's paws dry and clean, and make it easier for you and your pet to go out on rainy days.

Rough road

The soles of dog shoes are tough and non-slip, which can provide stability and traction for enough walking, allowing your dog to walk comfortably on rugged and hard roads, preventing slipping and preventing sharp thorns.


Long-term trekking can cause serious damage to the dog’s paws. Our dog shoes can protect your pet’s paws, allowing the dog to enjoy the good time of travel.

Cold winter

Warm and breathable, dog shoes can keep dog paws warm and dry in cold winter, dogs can play in the snow without frostbite paws.

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