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Multipet International, Inc.

Multipet Chilly Bone Teething Dog Toy, 5.5"

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  • Dog teething toy helps to provide relief for young puppies
  • Suitable for use on senior dogs
  • Helps to keep your pet cooler on hot days of the year
  • Just wet it and put it in the freezer until it's solid
  • Nice gift idea

Great for puppies, senior dogs, or dogs that need to cool down, the Multipet chilly bone teething dog toy, 5. 5" is easy to use: Soak it in water, put inside the enclosed bag and freeze. It can help sooth a teething puppy or senior canine with teeth issues. This dog teething toy also helps to cool off your pet in hot climates. Use it to give them relief from sore and tender gums. Always monitor your pet when playing with dog toys. Remove and discard if torn or worn. This toy is not intended for dogs that tear or destroy toys.