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Mighty Nature Rabbit Dog Toy, Brown

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Bring the joy of playtime to your home with this Mighty Nature Rabbit Dog Toy. It has a light tone that is highly visible, making it easy to locate when it's time to play. This dog squeaky toy has a strong blend of materials that's safe for pets to chew on. It's an ideal option for tugging and tossing with your canine companion. This toy will even float in the water, offering flexibility in how you play with your pet. The durable dog toy is soft enough to be a handy pillow too. This toy has built-in squeakers for extra entertainment. It will make an exciting gift for a new pet owner with its playful style. The Mighty Nature Rabbit Dog Toy has extra stitching for reliable reinforcement of seams.
Mighty Nature Rabbit Brown. MIGHTY® toys are durable, plush dog toys constructed with multiple layers of fabric. The seams are located on the inside of the toy and sewn multiple times to increase the toy strength. MIGHTY® toys float in water and are machine washable (air dry).