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Midwest Hearth

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Gray Bean Pebbles 1/5" Size (2-Lb Bag)

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  • MULTIPLE USES: Fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers, and potted plants
  • TINY BEAN SIZE: 1/5" average size is perfect for small applications
  • MATTE SURFACE: Pebbles feature a unique matte finish for a great low-gloss look.
  • GRAY MIX COLOR: Each bag contains a wide variety of natural shapes and a beautiful blend of different shades of grey.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Only natural stones, no additional fillers, dyes, or oils

Product Description

Midwest Hearth Decorative Bean Pebbles

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Bean Pebbles (1/5" Average Size)

Our decorative bean pebbles are gently tumbled and feature a wide variety of shapes. The small 1/5" average size is perfect for small projects such as fairy gardens, flower arrangements, cactus and succulent containers, potted plants, vase filler, and much more.


Decorative pebbles can be used for a wide variety of project for crafts, home, and garden. Fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers, and potted plants to name a few. They also work great for vase filler, candle holders, and other home accessories.


Midwest Hearth bean pebbles are unpolished and feature a smooth tumbled finish. With no jagged edges, these pebbles are easy to work with in a variety of applications.


Our Midwest Hearth bean pebbles use only untreated natural stones. We do not add any additional fillers, dyes, or oils. You can use these with confidence with your plants and floral arrangements knowing you are not introducing anything harmful.


1/5-Inch average size is perfect for small applications.


The small 1/5" average size is perfect for small projects.

  • fairy gardens
  • flower arrangements
  • cactus and succulent containers
  • potted plants
  • vase filler
  • and much more


Depending if you are using pebbles for surface coverage or a filler, below are examples of surface and volume:

  • 10-lbs will cover approximately 1 square foot (12"x12") with a depth of 1 inch deep.
  • 10-lbs will fill approximately 144 cubic inches of volume.


Midwest Hearth bean pebbles are tumbled into a smooth finish. The resulting matte finish compliments a natural look in your arrangements. Note: the white color can have an especially "chalky" finish when you first receive it from the stones rubbing together during transit. Wash and enjoy.

  • Natural stone
  • No fillers
  • No dyes
  • No oils
Average Size 1/5" 1/5" 1/5" 1/5"
Finish Matte Matte Matte Matte
Color White Mixed Jade Tones Gray Tones Browns and Tans