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MEWTOGO Wooden Block Bird Parrot Toys for Small and Medium Parrots and Birds

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  • NECESSARY TOYS - If your love birds enjoy spending time undoing the knots and dismantling the toy,this item is one of the best choice for you. This product is colorful, well-made, with many pieces of wood and knots, which can attract your birds to play all the time.
  • They are colorful and put together well. The toy is movable and you can put it into different shapes. She like to stand on top and use it like a bridge.
  • The set is much more challenging to chew or destroy hours and hours with well-made quality.
  • Wood blocks united in a sturdy chain, while the cage hanging clip is safe and will not injure furry friends.
  • Entertaining enough to keep birds busy for a long period and they do enjoy playing with it.