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Mcage 4 of Stack and Lock Double Breeder Cage Bird Breeding Cage with Removable Center Dividers and Breeder Doors

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  • Lot of 4 Easy Stackable Breeding Bird Flight Cages ; Size: 23" x 12" x 14"H
  • Six Spring Lock Feeder Doors With Transparent Clear Feeding Cups; 2 Removable Dividers, One Solid Metal and One Wire; Four Plastic perches
  • Two Spring Lock Front Doors; Two Spring Lock Breeding Doors, One on each side.
  • Removable Bottom Grate and Long Lasting Pull out Metal Tray
  • Bird Safe Non-toxic Epoxy Coated Finish

Breeder Breeding Bird Flight Cages 4 Of 23" x 12" x 14"H Cages For Canary, Finch, Aviary, Budgie, Lovebirds or Parakeets.....