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Mayfair Jellyfish Ocean Mood Led Light Lamp Motion Night Lighting Effects Lamp Color Changing for Aquarium Tank Living Room Bedside Table Office Desk Desktop Home Decor Perfect Modern Design Gift Item

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  • Led Night Light Lamp: Brings simulated lightining effetcs marine life and colorful led lighting to any room, creating a beautiful tranquil, peaceful, soothing beautiful deep-sea ambiance, look a real aquarium. It can help everyone relax and ease the tight emotion, transform your child's bedroom into an underwater oasis with our jellyfish aquarium led light lamp's
  • Ideal For Home & Office: The animated jellyfish lamp brings simulated marine life and colorful led lighting to any room at your home, office or institution for people with special needs. The floating jellyfish though artificial, have a lively and life-like effect. Coupled with vibrant led lights, the lamp transforms any room or office into a glowing and mesmerizing aquarium
  • Mood Light for Relaxation & Meditation: It can help you relax and ease your tight emotion, this soothing mood light creates a stimulating and a calming environment for children and adults whilst providing a pleasurable and enchanting visual point of focus or diversion. It is great for calming your child to fall asleep & use the slow motions of the jellyfish to relax and quiet down after a long day of work
  • Decorative Display: This is a great way to improve the décor of your dining room, bedroom, living room or even an office or doctor's waiting area. It is a electric led motion night decor lamp, fish tank and indoor water feature all in one. You can set the unit to automatically change colors or set the color to one solid color if you have a favorite option and its unique lighting effects
  • Perfect Gift Item: Jellyfish led light lamp is specially designed and good for night lights, party lights, living room lights, especially suitable for holiday gifts, christmas gifts, birthday gifts to any ocassions and anyone who enjoys the beautiful live sight of marine, underwater life, ocean environment on their desk