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Kitty City Cat Furniture Safari Tunnel

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  • Collapsible, Easily Transportable, Safari Theme

Deep in the heart of every cat is a king of the jungle. So why not let your little lion rein in the comfort of your living room? Feline Jungle Pop Open Pads are perfect for a cat-sized jungle romp, and the Safari Tunnel part of the collection is both great as a spot for your cat to dash in and out and a great way to connect the whole set together. Your cat will love hiding and pouncing from the tunnel, and the mesh panel sides are a great way for her to peer at the rest of the room. Plus the sides fit perfectly into the portholes of the Tiger Hut Play House and Lion Play Cube, so you can expand the fun into and entire cat jungle fort. With our unique Pop Open construction, you can bring the jungle to life in just a matter of moments – as well as fold it flat to pack into a closet corner whenever you want to put it away. All together it's pure simplicity in setup, wonderful comfort for your cat, and it offers endless options to expand. Get one for your feline pal and spin a tropical yarn of your own.

Instructions:Pops Open
Fabric Care Instructions:Spot clean with brush or damp cloth