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Kitty City

Kitty City Cat Furniture Outdoor Cat House

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  • A PRIVATE OUTSIDE PAD The water-resistant construction makes a great spot for any cat with a love of the outdoors. Setup underneath eaves for even more weather protection.
  • TWO ENTRANCES Hey, a cat loves options. And yours can enter from the front or back, with a built-in flap at each to keep out bad weather.
  • EASY TO SET UP Simple to assemble, and it takes just minutes. Tie-down corners on the room offer extra security against wind (ropes and stakes not included).
  • PLEASE, NO HEATERS Note that this product is not designed to support pet house heaters.

Spoil your cat with a bit of private luxury in the great outdoors with the Kitty City Outdoor Cat House. The private cove creates a cozy private cat pad with just the right footprint for your patio, backyard or barn. The fabric is water-resistant, so it sheds light rain and the occasional spray from the sprinkler – and it also means you get no-fuss maintenance for the house when you park it under the eaves of your home. Live in someplace windy? Not to worry. The roof has tie-down loops in each corner, ready to be secured with your own line and stakes. Two entrances with door flaps make it easy for your cat to make an entrance and exit, and the flaps keep foul weather outdoors where it belongs. Easy assembly makes it a cinch to set up, as well as put away and store flat whenever your pet wants to take a vacation from his private house. Plus it's stackable – just put two together for a double-deck high rise. The only thing you'll need to consider is how you'll ever get your cat back indoors once he settles in.