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Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Litter

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  • Guaranteed odor control
  • Absorbs 5X its weight in liquid
  • 99.9% dust-free for a cleaner cage

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Natural Small Pet Bedding provides guaranteed odor control while absorbing up to 20% more moisture than other leading brands. This soft, pet-safe bedding is made of 99.9% dust-free recycled paper product that absorbs up to 5X its weight in liquid.

Clean and Cozy Bedding is ideal for nesting or burrowing pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and more. Contains no artificial colors or additives.

Made in the USA.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cover base of habitat or enclosure with loose product to a depth of 1-3. At least once per week, remove all bedding and wash enclosure with a mild soap solution. Rinse cage thoroughly with clean water to ensure the removal of soap residue. The frequency of cage cleaning depends on the size of your pets home and the number of animals. Always replace bedding with fresh product.

Odor control guaranteed
For burrowing or nesting animals
Absorbs 5x its weight in liquid
99.9% dust-free for a cleaner cage
No artificial colors or additives