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JOR Extendable Bracket Aquarium Light, 2 Light Mode Switches to Illuminate Tank Day & Night, Low Energy Consumption and Long-Term Usage, 1 Piece

JOR Extendable Bracket Aquarium Light, 2 Light Mode Switches to Illuminate Tank Day & Night, Low Energy Consumption and Long-Term Usage, 1 Piece

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  • ✔ COST-EFFECTIVE AQUARIUM LIGHT --- If your goal is to provide good lighting to your aquarium but using low electric consumption, Extendable Bracket Aquarium Light by JOR is the best choice for you. It is energy-saving having 15 total light beads (12 white and 3 blue) with a high-quality output voltage of 12V and 6W Power.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE BRACKET TO FIT VARIOUS AQUARIUM SIZES AND TYPES --- Metal brackets and clam are adjustable making it flexible to fit in aquarium tank from 10 to 18 inches with a thickness of not more than 0.98 inches. You can use this to either glass or acrylic fish tanks and fits well whether it is covered, uncovered, with rim or rimless.
  • ✔ CAN BE USED DAY AND NIGHT --- Create glow in the dark effect with this JOR LED lamplight. It supplies enough light for both day and night with its two light mode switches. Switch I with only 3 blue lights on can serve as a nightlight while Switch II can be used as daylight having 12 white and 3 blue lights on.
  • ✔ MODERN, ELEGANT & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN --- Its contemporary design provides an elegant look and complements any aquarium theme. The ultra-bright LED lights also help in creating a homey aquatic environment for both living aquatic animals and plants.
  • ✔ SLIM AND STURDY BODY --- This lamp is space-saving as it measures 9" (l) x 2" (w) with a body thickness of only 0.39". It is not made from plastic as it is constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy material which is not just durable but also features better heat dissipation.

Showcase Your Aquarium's Beauty
· Lighting has always been greatly beneficial to aquatic creatures and it plays a big part in creating a scenic community aquarium. Beyond the more obvious of it being visually appealing, here are other benefits it provides to aquatic inhabitants in your aquarium:
Encourages Good Fish Behavior: Fish become less aggressive with their tank mates if provided with proper light stimulation. Becoming sluggish can also be avoided since they can swim openly and will not be spending more time toward the sides and bottom portion of the tank. They will also feel at home and comfortable even in an enclosed environment. Most aquarium fish come from shallow waters such as rivers or lakes where they rely so much on sunlight to thrive.
Assists in Developing Sleeping and Eating Schedule: Switching the light on and off allows fish to determine daytime and nighttime, therefore, they will be able to know when they should sleep. The lights can also help them see their food more clearly and they can eat properly with a feeding schedule.
Helps in Creating a Healthy Aquarium Environment: An adequately illuminated tank also aids in the photosynthetic mechanism of aquatic plants and the total well-being of the fish. It also provides additional warmth that makes fish feel at home because tropical fish thrive in warm temperatures just like their native environment.

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